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Volunteer Registration Form

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Volunteer Rules

(1) Volunteer is open to individuals over 18 and above.
(2) Director may refuse an application if found unfit for the group’s purpose.
(3) Volunteer is not transferable to anyone else.
(4) Volunteer must adhere and comply with the team leader decision.
(5) Respect and listen to each other maturely and discuss any differences without any derogatory behaviour.
(6) Use of bad language will deem termination of your volunteer registration.
(7) All discussions and decisions made by the group should be private & confidential and refrain from disclosure.
(8) All Volunteer will have equal rights/status.
(9) Volunteer will be terminated if:
(i) the Volunteer dies;
(ii) the organisation, ceases to exist;
(iii) the Volunteer resigns by written notice.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Declaration: I hereby read, understand and acknowledge all rules of AidMeUK.

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