Living in a first-world country and seeing homelessness, especially during winter seasons, was heart-breaking for Makshud Rahman and six of his friends. They realized it was shameful to witness one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, with no basic food or clean drinking water. With an avid intention of 'making a change' in the lives of the underprivileged, they discussed a social action to provide adequate food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, and sanitation to support homeless people, orphaned children, refugees, and emergencies in the UK and eventually, all across the globe. However, they came to realize that institutional action leads to sustainable outcomes rather than piecemeal philanthropy.

They decided to form a charity to pursue their social work. In July 2023, they settled on an organization name and registered as York United Group Ltd. (a non-profit organization with registration number 14988459). Today, it is known as AidmeUK.

Each friend personally donates and contributes earnestly, but together, with their passion and enthusiasm for helping and giving back to society, they are confident in elevating their organization collectively and doing something bigger and better with their hearts' content.

Their vision is to inspire positive change by providing clean drinking water, supporting those in need of food, shelter, and medical care, and empowering individuals to live independently through 'start-up' businesses. They aim to create a Community Centre as a hub for education, sports, healthcare, and community hire rooms, generating funds for charitable causes. Their commitment to making a difference is fuelled by the joy they see on the faces of those they help. They strive to bring hope and happiness to individuals and families in need through projects, events, donations, and sponsorships.

Mission Statement

AidMeUK is set to serve and support underprivileged people, efficiently, respectfully and with integrity

Who we work with

We will work alongside underprivileged people, supporters, companies, including trusts and institutions to build a better community. The more we come together, the more opportunities will become possible for the underprivileged people.

Where we work

Our focus extends to the moments of greatest need for underprivileged individuals. We stand ready to provide assistance and guidance, dedicated to aiding them in constructing a more promising future.

Our staff

At present, our organization operates without any paid personnel. Instead, our dedicated team is composed of directors and members who generously contribute their time and skills on a voluntary basis, uniting in a collective effort to further our mission.